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      Blackburn? is a complete and reliable line of overhead, grounding, mechanical and compression connectors that respond to a broad range of construction needs.

      Downloadable resources

      Blackburn? Overhead connectors catalog

      Blackburn? Storm-Safe? brochure



      Color-Keyed? Compression System: Blackburn compression connectors rely on the Color-Keyed application tooling system with distinct, hexagonal, color-coded dies that compress connectors and conductors into a nearly solid configuration for an outstanding electrical bond.

      Broad Line of Mechanical Connections:  Blackburn mechanical connectors are available in both copper and dual-rated aluminum.  Our broad variety of U.L. and C.S.A. certified connectors will provide solutions to nearly every electrical interface requirement.

      Complete Overhead Distribution Solutions: Blackburn stands for quality and reliability as a supplier of materials to connect overhead distribution power lines and equipment