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      The Color-Keyed? compression system ensures a proper crimp onto the conductor by matching the right connector to the right tool and die, using a color coding system that was developed and introduced to the industry by Thomas & Betts. When using the Color-Keyed compression system with our Blackburn? line of compression connectors, the installer can count on a reliable, high quality connection.

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      Stranded Wire Termination; The precision hardened steel dies used by the Color-Keyed system exert tremendous, controlled pressure on the connector and form the strands and connector into a solid mass.

      Verifiable and Inspectable: A die code embossed onto the Color-Keyed connector during compression makes it easy for inspectors to compare the finished crimp with the die table to verify correct termination.

      Shure-Stake? Crimp Mechanism: The Shure-Stake crimp mechanism eliminates guesswork and produces proper terminations every time.