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      Homac Logo

      Homac? is a complete line of Underground and Substation connectors and is recognized as an industry leader for its Flood-Seal? technologies and custom solutions.

      Homac? Custom Solutions video

      Downloadable Resources

      Homac Substation connectors catalog

      Homac Underground distribution catalog

      Homac Rab350 Connectors brochure - US

      Homac Ring Bus System case study US

      Homac common bus network case study


      Homac Underground Connectors: Homac is ready with world-class product configurations to meet your specific needs for transformers, hand holes and/or pedestal applications.

      Homac Substation Connectors: With weldment and bolted products up to 500kV, Homac's wide product offering includes a full line of couplers, taps, bus supports, terminals and expansion connectors.