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      Kindorf? Channel System

      Kindorf logo

      The Kindorf? Channel System is designed so that the maximum number of support and framing applications can be constructed with a minimum amount of labor and materials. The 1 1/2"  dimension in the channel, hole spacing and fittings means all parts fit together all the time. This modular system provides maximum flexibility in field applications and results is labor savings and reduced material waste.

      White Papers:

      Galvanized-Finish Metal Strut and Acid Rain

      Salt Water Testing for Galvanized Metal Strut


      Use the entire section: You are not limited to using only the open-slot side because holes line up on channel and fittings. Using the scribe marks ensures the fittings will work and a straight cut is made.

      Considerable field drilling and welding is eliminated: The holes are already there and they are all usable. Back-to-back , side-to-side, side-to-back - all combinations can be made using B-995 Kindorf channel.

      Field cutting and layout made simple: 8 scribe marks = 1 foot. Simply count the marks and cut. Position of holes ensures balanced support for trapezes on every piece, thus keeping waste to an absolute minimum.

      Modular fittings fasten to bolt side or slot side: Kindorf framing fittings are engineered for versatile use - to meet the greatest number of framing combinations with maximum rigidity and security. Fittings may be fastened to the channel on either the bolt-hole or the slot side.