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      QuickTurn Basket Tray

      QuickTurn? prefab fittings save time and money. Cutting fittings for your basket tray installation is labor-intensive and time-consuming. It can also undermine proper grounding. That’s why, in addition to straights, QuickTurn system features a full array of factory-made fittings for turns, T’s and elevation changes. QuickTurn eliminates on-site fabrication and grounding worries, allowing you to install fittings up to 80% faster. And that can make it easier for you to turn a profit.


      Fittings made simple.
      QuickTurn? factory-made straights and fittings make installation and cable running easier.
      ? One-tool installation—simplifies the entire process
      ? A fitting for every need—streamlines work flow and materials handling
      ? No cutting—eliminates waste
      ? Low-resistance corner plates—makes pulling cables fast

      Safety built right in. QuickTurn?’s integrated grounding loops ensure that proper grounding connections are made every time.

      Durability inside and out. Its high-strength basket design provides structural integrity. And its special post-fabrication powder coat protects all welds from the elements. 

      A turn for the better. Where do you want to go? QuickTurn? can take you there, providing a higher level of versatility and control.