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      Red Dot? Weatherproof Boxes & Covers

      RedDot logo

      Preferred for more than 50 years, Red Dot? weatherproof and conduit body solutions withstand the harshest  elements and ensure trouble-free installation and years of superior performance.

      Downloadable Resources

      Red Dot weatherproof boxes and covers catalog


      Covers Fully Up to Code: Red Dot metallic and non-metallic covers help ensure that you meet National Electric Code requirements, including those for extra duty.

      Homeowner Friendly Lighting: Red Dot lighting packages,for general outdoor lighting and decorative garden needs, run on line voltage to add flexibility and brighter arrays, all with no transformers required.

      General Purpose Conduit Bodies: Red Dot's large selection of die-cast aluminum general-purpose conduit bodies comes in sizes up to 4 inches--no searching needed to find the right size for your job.