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      Sta-Kon? wire terminals offer more copper and a wider funnel to assure premium connection with less work in a line that includes insulated and non-insulated terminals, splices, wire joints, disconnects, ferrules, heat-shrinkable terminals, splices and disconnects.

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      Sta-Kon Terminals: Extras that Matter: Sta-Kon terminals, made of high-conductivity copper with corrosion-resistant plating, include marked stud and wire sizes, a long chamfered barrel to eliminate missed crimps, a deep internal serration to produce a larger contact area, and selective annealing, to leave the barrel soft for crimping while the tongue remains strong. 

      Sta-Kon Heat Shrink Insulation Products: Provides durable protection against moisture, corrosion and abrasion.

      Sta-Kon Shielded Wire Terminations: One-piece solderless, wraparound shield connectors terminate shielded cable in seconds with uniform precision while preventing cable damage that may be caused by soldering.

      Sta-Kon Insulation Piercing Connectors: Permanent, low-resistance electrical connections, capable of maintaining contact integrity throughout the life of the connection.