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      Steel City?

      Steel City

      Since 1904, Steel City? products have set the standard as the leading brand in electrical construction. In manufacturing quality and innovative design, Steel City has no peer.  

      Features and Benefits

      Save Time and Labor:  Steel City boxes and covers are a complete solution for mounting devices and fixtures in walls and ceilings. Steel City pre-fabricated solutions ship as completed assemblies to save installation time and labor.

      Boxes for Any Floor:  Steel City floor boxes, an aesthetic and durable solution for in-floor power and communications distribution, are available for any floor type, including  concrete slab, wood sub-floor, and  raised access flooring.

      Consistent, Reliable Performance:  Steel City fittings are manufactured to strict tolerances for consistent performance and exceptionally long-lasting service.  

       Full Line of Hardware:  If you need it, we have it, including a full compliment of hangers, fittings, hardware, threaded rod and accessories to complete any metal framing project.



      Steel City? RPT6 Recessed Poke-Through Floor Box

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      Steel City? Commercial Hub